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Book Box

If you want to keep books, cds records and DVDs safe in transport or storage, Brighton Boxes provide book boxes either separately or as part of our selection of house moving packs. We are a leading packaging company that supplies quality
sofa cover& packing materials directly to the end user via the internet or telephone.

All Brighton Boxes cardboard packing boxes are double walled to ensure strength and durability.

We stock a wide range of strong packing boxes, removal boxes and storage boxes including book boxes, standard house hold packing boxes and wardrobe boxes for hanging your favourite quality clothing to make sure it is perfectly transported or stored.

We also stock quality packaging supplies for all your packing needs including bubble wrap, packing paper, sofa covers and mattress covers. All Brighton Boxes products are top-quality and are delivered promptly to your home for FREE if you are within the Brighton and Hove area. We aim to provide the highest standard of service to help you in your move and ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

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